About Us

Who We Are

Elbow River Helicopters is proud to provide a quality service with quality equipment and aircrew.   We strive to provide the right helicopter for a specific project in order to allow the customer to achieve its objectives in the most efficient and thus cost effective manner.  Elbow River’s emphasis on training and quality maintenance enables the company to work in remote regions of Canada in an efficient and safe manner.

Elbow River Helicopters is a charter helicopter company with its head office and maintenance facility based at the Springbank Airport west of Calgary, Alberta  and a base located in Fairmont Hot Springs Airport, British Columbia. Elbow River operates a fleet of Bell Helicopters to support a variety of services such as fire suppression and initial attack, mineral exploration, heli-skiing, seismic, geotechnical support work, filming, and sightseeing.

Our History

Elbow River Helicopters is a family owned business founded in 2004. The company has grown over the years from operating a single helicopter to presently operating seven helicopters and two bases in  Alberta and British Columbia.