BELL 212

With Strake and Fast Fin Tail Modification

The Bell 212 is a 14 passenger twin turbine powered helicopter designed for high performance, low maintenance and maximum versatility. Elbow River Helicopter’s Model Bell 212 is equipped with upgraded Pratt & Whitney PT6-3B engines. In addition, hot and high performance is further enhanced through installation of Boundary Layers Ltd. Strakes and Fast Fin.

The aircraft has a cruising speed of 185 km/hour (115 mph). With a fuel burn between 410-450 litres per hour, it has a range of 1:40 hours plus 20 minutes reserve. Internal allowable load is 3000 pounds (1360 kg) and 3500 pounds (1590 kg) external.

Capacity: 14 Passengers

Speed: 185 km/h

Fuel Burn: 410-450 litres/hour

External Lift: 3500 pounds (1590 kgs)

Internal Lift: 3000 pounds (1360 kgs)

Other: Strake and Fast Fin Tail Modification