BELL 407

The Bell 407 is a single engine, four bladed, 6 passenger intermediate helicopter, designed to operate in any terrain. It has increased speed, interior cabin dimensions and payload compared to the Long Ranger models. This aircraft burns 170 litres per hour, 40% less than its competitor the Astar350B3.

The aircraft has a cruising speed of 230 km/hour (145 mph). With a fuel burn rate of 170 litres per hour it has a range of 2:10 hours plus 20 minutes reserve. Internal allowable load is 2250 pounds (1020 kg) and 2650 pounds (1200 kg) external.

Capacity: 6 Passengers

Speed: 230 km/h

Fuel Burn: 170 litres/hour

External Lift: 2500 pounds (1136 kgs)

Internal Lift: 2150 pounds (977 kgs)