Bell 206 L3

The Bell Long Ranger L3 is a single engine 6 passenger helicopter designed to operate in any terrain, especially in hot and high conditions. It is an ideal reconnaissance helicopter and offers internal capacity for personnel and cargo.

Bell 206 L4

The Bell Long Ranger L4 is a single engine 6 passenger helicopter designed to operate in any terrain and has increased performance in hot and high conditions over the L3. Equipped with a high altitude tail rotor, this helicopter can fly at full gross weight during hot summer months.

Bell 407

The Bell 407 is a single engine, four bladed, 6 passenger intermediate helicopter, designed to operate in any terrain. It has increased speed, interior cabin dimensions and payload compared to the Long Ranger models.

Bell 407HP

The Eagle 407HP conversion replaces the Rolls Royce C47 turbine engine found on the standard Bell 407 with a next generation Honeywell HTS900, substantially improving high-altitude and hot ambient temperature performance of the Bell 407 to give you a faster and more powerful yet surprisingly, more fuel efficient aircraft.

Bell 212

The Bell 212 is a 14 passenger twin turbine powered helicopter designed for high performance, low maintenance and maximum versatility. Our Bell 212’s are configured to be as light and efficient as possible to maximize payload.

Elbow River operates Bell Helicopter aircraft that are suitable for a variety of work that range from passenger moves to heli-portable drill or equipment moves. We have chosen Bell Helicopter products because they are reliable and fuel-efficient, making these helicopters ideal for work in remote areas or in mountainous terrain.