Bell 206 L4

With High Altitude Tail Rotor Kit

The Bell Long Ranger L4 is a single engine six passenger helicopter designed to operate in any terrain and has increased performance in hot and high conditions over the L3. Equipped with a high altitude tail rotor, this helicopter can fly at full gross weight during hot summer months.

The aircraft has a cruising speed of 190 km/hour (120 mph) and a range of 2:30 hours plus 20 minutes reserve. The Bell 206L4 has an increased internal allowable load over the L3 of 1410 pounds (640 kgs) and 1510 pounds (685 kgs) external.

Capacity 6 Passengers
Speed 190 km/h
Fuel Burn 150 litres/hour
External Lift 1510 pounds (685 kgs)
Internal Lift 1410 pounds (640 kgs)
Other High Altitude Tail Rotor Kit

A few photos of the Bell 206 L4

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