Elbow River Helicopter employs a team of pilots, engineers and administrative staff who are key to the Company and its ablility to provide its customers with a quality helicopter service.    We strive to promote a team oriented culture at Elbow River which we feel reflects on how our customers view our service. 

  • Bruce Holloway
  • Derrick Shillington Director of Maintenance

    As Director of Maintenance,  Derrick is responsible for managing all repairs, overhauls and overseeing all maintenance conducted on Elbow River's fleet of Bell Helicopters.    Derrick is also an active Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and looks after the hiring and scheduling of the company's team of AME's.   Derrick  has over 15 years of aviation experience and has been with the company since 2012.

  • Torrie Chartier, MBA, MSc, P.Geol CFO / Charter Bookings

    As Co-founder of Elbow River, Torrie is responsible for all aspects of the administrative side of the business, including charter bookings.   Prior to working with Elbow River, Torrie pursued a 20 year career as an exploration geologist and ran programs in Arctic Canada, Greenland and the U.S.   She sits on the Board of Directors for one public resource company in Canada.

  • Roland Aufdenblatten Safety Officer

    Originally from Switzerland, Roland moved to Canada over a decade ago to pursue his flying career.   Roland pilots all of Elbow River's intermediate helicopters.    Roland is responsible for the compliance of Elbow River's Safety Management System.    

  • Shirley Karman Purchasing Manager

    Shirley has been involved in the aviation industry for over 20 years.  As Purchasing Manager she works closely with the Director of Maintenance and is responsible for purchasing aircraft parts and maintaining an efficient/effective inventory system.